Vegetarian Epicure image “Cook with spoon” drawn by Julie Maas
This image can be found on page 48 in the 1972 cookbook The Vegetarian Epicure, by Anna Thomas, illustrations by Julie Maas. I bought The Vegetarian Epicure in 1972 (the year I graduated from high school) because I wanted to expand my culinary horizons. I remember being captivated by Julie Maas’s beautiful line drawings scattered throughout the book. When I thumb through the book today, the images take me back to when I was a young woman striking out on my own in the world. I have been wanting to embroider a few of these images for quite some time and decided in January 2011 that I would do just that and complete them before the end of the year. Mission accomplished! The two images were so much fun to embroider—I can’t begin to tell you!

NOTE: “Back in the day,” I was a redhead! :-) (This piece measures 20.75 x 22 inches.)

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