My Cats
If someone had told me that I would someday share my home with a cat, I would have thought they were crazy — I ended up sharing my home with three cats. The beloved felines below have all passed now. They brought me many years of laughs and left me with lots of sweet memories.

As a result of sharing my home with three felines, I ended up doing volunteer work for Noah’s Ark Animal Foundation, a no-kill shelter located in Fairfield, Iowa. When they needed help creating a new Web site, I offered my humble services. You can visit the site at

Blossom girlBlossom’s Story
Hello! My name is Blossom. I came to live with my mother, Carolyn, in 1999. A friend of hers found me (with a broken leg) in her garage the morning after a very blustery snowstorm. Carolyn brought me into her home and I have been very happy and warm ever since. My favorite activities include napping, batting toy mice under the fridge, watching the birds out the window, sleeping, and watching my mom retrieve my mice from under the fridge. As you can see from my photo, I’m a tabby. I love to play with my little brother, Archie, and take long naps. RIP Blossom - February 23, 2015.

Archie boy Archie’s Story
Hi! I’m Archie. My mom plucked me off a country highway on a hot summer afternoon in 1999. I was about 6 weeks old. At first she named me Mabel, after the small Minnesota town she had just driven through. The next day, after a trip to the vet, I was re-christened Archie. (She actually named me after a dog she once knew.) I’m very curious and I like to chase things. And take seven hour naps. RIP Archie - December 26, 2015.
Hobbes’ Story
Baby HobbesI used to eat out of garbage cans at the local park. I don’t particularly like human food, but beggars can’t be choosers. Then my new mom rescued me from a rough life in the woods (where there were lots of D-O-G-S). Now I live in a safe and cozy home. My mom waits on me hand and foot, serving me genuine cat food for breakfast and dinner every day. It’s amazing! And there are cat toys everywhere. Did I mention the cozy cat bed that I get to nap in all day long? My mom likes to say about me, “He’s such a GOOD kitty—except when he’s being BAD.” RIP Hobbes - March 12, 2013.
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