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Carolyn and Marilyn
My Twin and I

My Twin and I
I got the inspiration to create these pages after listening to an interview on National Public Radio with Dr. Nancy Segal, author of Entwined Lives: Twins and What They Tell Us About Human Behavior.

The question most identical twins put at the top of their list of most frequently asked questions is, “Which one is which?” followed closely by, “Which one are you?” and “Which one is older?”

Well, I’m Carolyn and these are some of my web pages. Marilyn is my identical twin sister and, I would like to point out, the older twin—by about three minutes. When we were growing up, of course, I didn't bring this fact to her attention.

In the picture above, we’re six years old and wearing matching pink and gray dresses bought for us by Uncle Wilbur and Aunt Elmie. We don’t dress alike anymore, but people still get us confused.

Carolyn - 2006   
This is what we look like today. That’s me, Carolyn, on the left, and my beloved twin, Marilyn, on the right. I had a woman tap me on the shoulder at the grocery store awhile ago. I turned around and she said, "Hi Marilyn!" I said, "Oh, I'm not Marilyn, I'm Carolyn." Her mouth dropped open and she said, "I know this woman and her name is Marilyn and she looks just like you!" Yes, it still happens after all these years and it's still fun!

Photo Album
If you’d like to see pictures of the two of us as we were growing up, I’ve put together a four page photo album.

My Twin and I | Photos 1 | Photos 2 | Photos 3 | Photos 4