Carolyn and Marilyn
Carolyn and Marilyn
My Twin and I

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Warning!! This page has a picture of the two of us wearing outfits that don’t match!

Carolyn and Marilyn
Santa comes through once again with matching dolls for our seventh Christmas. (Carolyn, Marilyn)

Marilyn and CarolynMarilyn and Carolyn pose for Uncle Wilbur in the woods behind our house. (seven years old)
Carolyn and MarilynWe made our First Communion when we were eight. (Carolyn, Marilyn)
Marilyn and CarolynWhen we were eight or nine, our mom got us baton twirling lessons and we marched with the Commettes, a group sponsored by the American Legion. Here we are decked out in our baton twirling outfits right before a summer parade. (Marilyn, Carolyn)
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