Carolyn and Marilyn
Carolyn and Marilyn
My Twin and I

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When our older (by two years) brother Tom was seven, he made the following observation, “Marilyn looks like Carolyn and Carolyn looks like Marilyn.” As you page through the album, see if you come to the same realization Tom did!

Jerry and Tom“Have any idea which twin this is, Tom?”

“Beats me, Jerry.”
Carolyn and MarilynCarolyn and Marilyn celebrate their first birthday. Or is that Marilyn and Carolyn?
Marilyn and CarolynMarilyn and Carolyn ham it up for the camera at around 16 months.
Carolyn and MarilynHow do you like the stylish hairdos modeled by the Agner twins, Carolyn and Marilyn? (21 months)
Marilyn and Marilyn!We’ve come to the conclusion that these are both Marilyn! And she’s nearly three. (We’re not sure which one is which.)
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