Carolyn and Marilyn
Carolyn and Marilyn
My Twin and I

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  The older we got, the less we tended to look alike, and we no longer dressed in matching outfits. Our mom tells us that when we  didn’t want to dress alike any more, she didn’t force us.

Marilyn CarolynHere we are at 11 or 12. Even though our dresses don’t match, dig those matching hairdos! (Marilyn, Carolyn)


Marilyn CarolynHere we are as sophisticated, all-knowing high school Freshman. (Carolyn, Marilyn)
  Marilyn, mom, Carolyn
Mom poses with “the twins,” Marilyn and Carolyn, upon our graduation from high school.
Carolyn and MarilynOur brother Jerry took this picture of us when we were 26. (Carolyn, Marilyn)
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