Here are a few of my favorite web sites
This page is woefully out of date. Some day I will get it updated.

Embroidery/Needle Arts
Sublime Stitching - my most favorite embroidery site (this site got me back into embroidery after a long hiatus)
Jenny Hart Embroidered Portraits - these embroidered portraits inspired me to create my own
Rebbeca Ringquist -
I LOVE this young woman's work—especially her use of vintage embroidery. She sells her printed-on-fabric embroider patterns at her website. See a video of her work here.
Anna Torma - large-scale hand embroidered works. Truly inspiring.
Needle Crafter - my mom has more free vintage embroidery patterns than your mom
Chris Roberts-Antieau - I am ALWAYS inspired by Chris's fabric "paintings" - which I first saw at an art gallery in Iowa City. Whimsical, sweet, funny.

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