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Click any of the above images to view some of my completed embroidery projects. You can view more of my embroidery projects here. Also, check out these amazing vintage (1930s) crewel embroidery magazine covers stitched by Georgiana Brown Harbeson.

Me and My Mom

My beloved mom, Lydella, died on January 21, 2014. I always thought I looked like my red-headed dad, but when I look at this picture of my mom (on the right), I can't believe how much I look like her. Those eyes! Those cheeks! That chin! The picture of me (on the left) was taken around 1957. Mom's picture was taken around 1923.

Dancing in the Hog Trough

This photo (taken by my Uncle Wilbur) shows my mom, Lydella, dancing in the hog trough at her younger sister's wedding. German(?) tradition has it that if a younger sibling marries before an older sibling, the older sibling has to dance in the hog trough on the younger sibling's wedding day.

In this case, mom and Uncle Ralph's younger sister, Mary Lou, married before they did.

The image shows mom and Uncle Ralph dancing in the hog trough. From left to right: Grandma Molly Lammers (mom's mother); mom's nephew Ron Hoyt; mom; the groom, Win Neiswander - who is partially hidden by mom; and Uncle Ralph - whose face you do not see but whose tie, belt and trousers appear in the photo.

Mom said that her parents (who were farmers) did not keep hogs so they had to borrow the hog trough from a neighbor. What a fun and endearing tradition!

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